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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Naturalico Shiatsu Massager (Heated) - Kneading Massage Therapy for Foot, Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain - Relieves Sore Muscles - Total Body Relaxation

Naturalico Shiatsu Massager (Heated) - Kneading Massage Therapy for Foot, Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain - Relieves Sore Muscles - Total Body Relaxation

My Review
This is really great for both the money and for all of the different ways you can use it to massage your aching muscles. I will say that it can be a little rough on some problem areas of the back. However I do like it a lot on the neck. My only problem with it placed on my neck is that my hair does get pulled and tugged. My husband uses it on his legs after his run.  Yesterday I tried it out for the first time on a drive to see how it did in the car. It worked really well on the neck, but it was not comfortable for me to do on my back while driving. If you like those massagers at the mall or in those gadgets stores you're really going to like this. I did see a review where they talked about the cord being short. I don't seem to find that as an issue. We have tried it in various places in our house, including at my desk in my office chair and indifferent furniture around the house. We have not had any issues with the cord being short. That includes the length of the cord when driving as well.

This product was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Every item that I receive to review I test them and various members of my family test them as well and we all give our feedback. This was easy because everyone seemed to love it. I stand behind my review and I give it 5 stars.

  • DEEP MUSCLE RELAXER - Add heat and intensity to hard-to-reach muscle groups for a relaxing massage that helps reduce tightness and improve flexibility
  • MULTIPLE MASSAGE NODES - We've created the ideal amount of kneading shiatsu pressure with four rotating nodes to cradle, support and relax muscles
  • WARM, COMFORTING HEAT - The Naturalico also offers a soothing heat that reaches deep into muscle fibers to release tension, stress and even pain
  • IMPROVED RECOVERY TIMES - Healthy massage is a great way to help recover from injuries because it increases circulation for improved mobility
  • MORE RESTFUL SLEEP - Using bi-direction movement that mimics the feeling of a personal massage. Coupled with heat therapy, you'll find reaching deep REM sleep happens more quickly and easily

Fitglam Silk Mask - Blindfold

ONLY $12.95

This is a great product for anyone who likes complete darkness to sleep.  I came down with Bell's Palsy this summer, so the mask has been beneficial for me since my paralyzed eye doesn't close all the way for sleep.  Over the years, I've been known to use a mask for sleep so I have some experience with them.  This is nice and the ability to adjust the back of it is perfect for me.  I have a lot of hair and if it is too tight, it becomes to uncomfortable.  With this mask, I don't have that problem.  The gel mask is nice for headaches, or to refresh your eyes in the morning if you didn't get enough sleep.  I didn't and won't use the earplugs because I have a 2 and 3 year old, I can't afford to not hear them in middle of the night.  I like the pouch they came with and the ability to wash both.

This was provided to me for free or for a heavily discounted rate in exchange of an honest review.  I have used the product and believe for the price and the quality, it is deserving of a 5 star review.  I stand behind all of my reviews and am under no obligation to leave a positive one.

About the Product

  • 100% pure mulberry silk sleep mask + Bead Pearl Gel eye mask, can be used together or seperately
  • BETTER SLEEP: A sleep aid and eye relaxer, the Fitglam sleep mask (blind fold) is made of 100% top quality 19mm Natural mulberry silk on BOTH sides. The super soft, super smooth mulberry silk is light weight, breathable and protein rich, which gives you total blackout, whether at home, in a hotel or on the plane.
  • BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY EYES: The Therapeutic Gel Eye Mask is made of eco-friendly, nontoxic condensate and purified water, sealed with cold resistant soft PVC with skin friendly matte finish. No unpleasant smell, safe for pregnant women and kids.
  • A UNIQUE GIFT: Comes with a Fitglam branded zip up matte finish PVC bag for easy storing and carrying. Just throw it into your bag and enjoy better sleep and eye spa anytime anywhere! BONUS moldex ear plugs included! A unique gift for anyone wanting deep, uninterrupted sleep and beautiful eyes!
  • Simple to Use:Cool - Place Gel insert in fridge (2-8 centigrade) for 30 minutes; Warm - Soak in hot water for 1 - 2 minutes. Warm notice: the gel mask is 100% safe. If the PVC bag breaks by accident, you can just wash your skin or eyes with water. It is commended to put the eye cover in a cool and dry place to prevent ultraviolet light.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Review OakLeaf String Lights

Review of Oak Leaf String of Lights (Purple)

  • High quality -- Made from 30 of individual LEDs, these string lights have over 26 years of life span
  • Simple button cell power & heat insulated copper wire to ensure safe usage
  • Moldable Shape -- the copper wires are flexible and easily mold into any shape that you desire
  • Low consumption & Battery-operated - only 2 CR2032 batteries (included!!) are required to work. The batteries can last for 64+ hrs non-stop operating time, more with breaks.
  • 3 YEAR Warranty -- Any problem about our Oak Leaf mini led starry string lights ocurrs, please contact our support team for help. (If product fails to work due to running out of eletricity, please help yourself to change the batteries.)
My Review

I really like this set of lights. The purple is pretty and shows up well on my table. I use these to draw attention to my books when I'm at a book signing. They are copper wired so I can bend them to wrap around my books or whatever decorations I'm using for the event. I will say that most lights like these do go through batteries pretty fast. They're only used for book signings so they last longer for me. The lights don't get hot, so I don't worry about anyone accidentally getting burned if they touch them. Kids are notorious for trying to touch the lights.

These were sent to me for free in exchange of an honest, unbiased review. I'm not obligated to leave a positive review and I stand behind the 5 stars I give the lights. Thank you for allowing me to review them.