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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Volùm Lashes Natural 3D Long-Lasting Mink False Eyelashes review

Volùm Lashes Natural 3D Long-Lasting Mink False Eyelashes- Individual Set of Prime Thick Fake Long Black Lash for Beauty and Makeup- Best Dramatic Top Wispies Extension Pair on Thin Eye Strip with Box  $12.95 on Amazon


These are beautiful lashes for that full WOWZA check out my eyeballs look. The lashes are pretty and very soft. Let me say I have been wearing lashes on and off for years. I've had eyelash extensions and have paid a lot of money for various brands over the years. I'd consider my ability to apply and wear lashes very good. When these were offered for me to review, I jumped at the chance. My 3 stars is not reflected on the style, because that wouldn't be fair to the brand. My 3 stars are on the comfort and quality of the band and lashes. You should start out by seeing if you like the length, as these are very long, and wide. I trimmed a tiny bit off the length just so they wouldn't rub my glasses.The first thing I noticed was the band is thick, and it is stiff. I applied one lash on my right eye, and one of my MAC lashes on the other eye and went on about my day. They are not comfortable to all. after about 2 hours, I couldn't keep it on any longer. The other lashes are so much more comfortable. I wanted to love these lashes because of the price and softness, but I just don't. My daughter came in from out of town tonight and saw them and said she was considering buying some like these. I gave them to her and she said if she loves them, she will let me know and send pics. If that is the case, I will update my review.

These were provided to me for free or for a very discounted rate in exchange of an honest review. I stand behind all of my reviews.
About the Product

  • Natural Dramatic Lashes: Increase the length and curl of your lashes naturally for any occasion
  • Durathin Technology: Thin, comfortable, yet durable band allows multiple uses with proper care
  • 100% Authentic Cruelty-Free North American Mink Fur: Stunning mink lashes resemble human hair
  • Long Lasting Lashes: Mink fur lasts up to 5 times longer than synthetic lashes.
  • Loads of Lashes: Approximately 550 Individual Lashes in every box hand-crafted onto each band

Monday, September 12, 2016

i-Mate 7 day programmable timer


Create a smart home that saves energy and improves the convenience of your everyday household goods.
If you're ready to make day-to-day life more hands-free and turn on the energy savings in your home, an quick, easy and affordable way to do that is by adding i-Mate Digital LCD Programmable Plug-in Timer Switch to your wall receptacles.
Smart Home Functionality
Our versatile wall adapter plug-in timer lets you add lamps, floor fans, Christmas lights, and any number of other devices to you wall outlets, and set a weekly schedule that automatically turns them on and off at your convenience. Want to turn lights on before you get home? It can do that. Want it to shut off your crock pot in the kitchen? It can do that, too. You can even save money on your electric bill by adding timers to your heater or cooling fans.
Smart Home Functionality
No matter you use it, it offers 24/7 programmable settings, a built-in backup battery in case the power goes off, and a vacation mode to keep the lights working when you're out of town. Give yourself some peace of mind and reduce stress with the i-Mate Digital LCD Programmable Plug-in Timer Switch; it will change the way you see home living.
Product Details:
  • Easy-to-Read Digital LCD Screen
  • Holds 10 Programmable Events
  • Built-In Battery
  • Manual Override Switch
  • Auto On/Off Light Feature (Anti-Theft)
  • Works with Most Home, Kitchen and Living Room Devices
Prepare your home for vacation, heat plants on the proper schedule or keep your home automatically heated in the winter; get our Plug-In Timer Switch now by clicking 'Add to Cart' above

  • Save 10% each on Qualifying items offered by i-Mate when you purchase 2 or more. Enter code GET2PACK at checkout. Here's how (restrictions apply)

My husband programmed this for me since the instructions were a little difficult to follow. Since I'm not reviewing the instructions and I am the timer, I keep my review at 5 stars. If I reviewed the instructions they would get 1 star. What I like about the timer is you can set it for weekdays as well as weekends. I'm going to be using a powerstrip with it for when we're out of town for safety reasons. Right now, I have it connected to one of those wax burners since they tend to get hot and the light is ridiculously bright at night. Now I can have it off when we're sleeping and on when we're awake. It is a pretty fancy timer compared to some I've used. I'd recommend this for anyone who wants versatility in their programming. I received this product in exchange of an honest review. I stand behind my reviews and this item deserves 5 stars for it's functionality.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Naturalico Shiatsu Massager (Heated) - Kneading Massage Therapy for Foot, Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain - Relieves Sore Muscles - Total Body Relaxation

Naturalico Shiatsu Massager (Heated) - Kneading Massage Therapy for Foot, Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain - Relieves Sore Muscles - Total Body Relaxation

My Review
This is really great for both the money and for all of the different ways you can use it to massage your aching muscles. I will say that it can be a little rough on some problem areas of the back. However I do like it a lot on the neck. My only problem with it placed on my neck is that my hair does get pulled and tugged. My husband uses it on his legs after his run.  Yesterday I tried it out for the first time on a drive to see how it did in the car. It worked really well on the neck, but it was not comfortable for me to do on my back while driving. If you like those massagers at the mall or in those gadgets stores you're really going to like this. I did see a review where they talked about the cord being short. I don't seem to find that as an issue. We have tried it in various places in our house, including at my desk in my office chair and indifferent furniture around the house. We have not had any issues with the cord being short. That includes the length of the cord when driving as well.

This product was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Every item that I receive to review I test them and various members of my family test them as well and we all give our feedback. This was easy because everyone seemed to love it. I stand behind my review and I give it 5 stars.

  • DEEP MUSCLE RELAXER - Add heat and intensity to hard-to-reach muscle groups for a relaxing massage that helps reduce tightness and improve flexibility
  • MULTIPLE MASSAGE NODES - We've created the ideal amount of kneading shiatsu pressure with four rotating nodes to cradle, support and relax muscles
  • WARM, COMFORTING HEAT - The Naturalico also offers a soothing heat that reaches deep into muscle fibers to release tension, stress and even pain
  • IMPROVED RECOVERY TIMES - Healthy massage is a great way to help recover from injuries because it increases circulation for improved mobility
  • MORE RESTFUL SLEEP - Using bi-direction movement that mimics the feeling of a personal massage. Coupled with heat therapy, you'll find reaching deep REM sleep happens more quickly and easily