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Friday, April 19, 2013

Release Day for Queen of the Immortals

Queen of the Immortals, which is the 3rd book in the The Vamp Saga has premiered today! Here is the gorgeous cover and blurb!

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A Choice She Did Not Make...
Manon is bestowed the title, Queen of the Immortals, at the behest of the original Vampire Queen from her death bed. Now she is ruler and in an official position to override the IVC but she has never been unhappier in her life thanks to the mysterious circumstances regarding Mikkel's disappearance.

A Precarious Position...
Emmerik is one of the most important people in Manon's life but with the vampire world in turmoil, a deadly virus set loose among the supernatural community and jealous between various ranks of the IVC, she is forced to forge as many alliances as possible to prevent a coup.

A Relationship Tested...
Manon knows how important Emmerik is in her life but it takes the surfacing of a vampire much older than her to cement their relationship. They both find themselves in precarious positions as a couple and as individuals when Mikkel betrays her in the most malicious way. Boundaries will be tested and decisions that could destroy a whole species of supernaturals must be made and it will test her resolve not only as a vampire but as Queen of the Immortals.

The Vamp Saga (Reading Order):
Mortal Death
Immortal Lair (Prequel to Mortal Death)
Better off Immortal
Queen of the Immortals
Immortal Dawn (Coming Summer, 2013)

And in case you missed it, all novels in the series have gotten a makeover so here are the new covers!


Thanks again for all your support and I hope you all enjoy your weekend. 

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