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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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June 26

Dear Journal,

Mylandra spent the night in my hotel room with me.  I have a headache from that sage thingy she keeps burning “to chase away da evil in da room”.  I think there must be at least a hundred candles burning right now.  If the sprinklers go off in the hotel it will be her fault, just sayin’.  Even though she is freaky and scares me a little, she is growing on me.  I don’t know what hold Pascale has on her, but it has something to do with a binding curse she flubbed.
Oh goody, it’s song time.  She is walking around the room with that damn sage wad that smells like pot and singing a Jamaican song.  Probably some hoo doo mixed in.  Gotta go, the songstress says I must sit still and meditate.  Whatevs! TTYS J

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