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Saturday, June 25, 2011

random gobbledygook in my head

Random thoughts...

Do you ever think your thoughts are nothing but gobbledygook that speckles your brain without any real meaning?  I have that thought often.  Sometimes I worry that I can't get my thoughts to come out right when I'm within my characters head.  You know that show Scrubs?  I'm not a fan, sorry... I'm not.  Don't hurt me, please. Although I don't like the show, I think I'm related to the shows writers.  It amazes me how they get all of the abstract thoughts to come across on screen and they are considered geniuses and I have abstract thoughts and that makes me strange.  Back to the thought of being inside a characters head, I have one character that makes me laugh.  I love writing him, he is totally bad and very good at it.  He is a vampire.... I know, I know... another naughty vamp running wild within a young adult book.  He enjoys being bad..... but he has a softer side, the side that is misunderstood.  He doesn't always want to be bad, it is just more acceptable to be bad and be a vampire...    It isn't all that interesting to have a soft and cuddly vamp.  In my second book some of his secrets will come to light.  I'm just afraid of making the reader too sympathetic to him causing him to lose his sex appeal.  So how do you make your reader see the softer side without taking away his edge?  Like Dimitri in The Vampire Academy series... he is edgy but one damn sexy man YET he has a softer side.  Midnight... Saturday night in the big city of New Bern... my gobbledygook is sloshing around in my head, pondering the future of my bad vampire.  There must be something more exciting going on.. ..

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