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Thursday, July 21, 2011


My husband is the strong quiet type, he doesn't have much to say.... well he doesn't have much to say until I've sat down to write.  Recently he was on vacation because he had just come back from being activated with the military.  While he was away I got a Yorkie.  I trained the dog not to bother me while I'm writing and how to be alone so he wouldn't have separation anxiety.  That worked until hubby came home.  For three weeks my non-talkative husband chatted me up every single time he saw my laptop in my lap.  He not only showed me how cute the puppy is when he eats, poops, sleeps, wears clothes, eats a sock, chews the wall, eats the baseboards and humps the cat... but he had to show me all of this multiple times.  I finally concluded that as long as my hubby is home on leave... I wasn't going to get any work done.  I've come to find this an endearing yet exhausting trait.  I always wonder how other people deal with intrusive people when they are in the writing mode.....

I'm doing a couple of book reviews in the next couple of weeks - so stay tuned.  I've also been vlogging so check out my youtube channel and follow my silliness as I write my second book.  Good night - good life - live well!

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