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Saturday, June 25, 2011

random gobbledygook in my head

Random thoughts...

Do you ever think your thoughts are nothing but gobbledygook that speckles your brain without any real meaning?  I have that thought often.  Sometimes I worry that I can't get my thoughts to come out right when I'm within my characters head.  You know that show Scrubs?  I'm not a fan, sorry... I'm not.  Don't hurt me, please. Although I don't like the show, I think I'm related to the shows writers.  It amazes me how they get all of the abstract thoughts to come across on screen and they are considered geniuses and I have abstract thoughts and that makes me strange.  Back to the thought of being inside a characters head, I have one character that makes me laugh.  I love writing him, he is totally bad and very good at it.  He is a vampire.... I know, I know... another naughty vamp running wild within a young adult book.  He enjoys being bad..... but he has a softer side, the side that is misunderstood.  He doesn't always want to be bad, it is just more acceptable to be bad and be a vampire...    It isn't all that interesting to have a soft and cuddly vamp.  In my second book some of his secrets will come to light.  I'm just afraid of making the reader too sympathetic to him causing him to lose his sex appeal.  So how do you make your reader see the softer side without taking away his edge?  Like Dimitri in The Vampire Academy series... he is edgy but one damn sexy man YET he has a softer side.  Midnight... Saturday night in the big city of New Bern... my gobbledygook is sloshing around in my head, pondering the future of my bad vampire.  There must be something more exciting going on.. ..

Thursday, June 23, 2011

another mistake

Okay, so as soon as I got the final rendition of my book cover I placed an order for a sign.  You see, they were having a sale.  I'm a sucker for a sale.  I had a budget. They had a sale.  I could buy a sign twice as big for even less money than what I budgeted.  I bought a 6' sign of my book cover!  It is on vinyl and can be put outside (I can't imagine ever needing it outside) and it is 30" wide.  I drive a Miata.  It rolls up nicely.  Perfect... right?  Nope.  The mall doesn't allow us to hang anything up.... so what do I do with a 6' sign that now can't be hung up?  My friends aren't even tall enough to hold it up.... it would be funny to have them hold it up for several hours. I don't think they'd like me much... I came up with a great idea.  I have those every once in a while.  I went out to buy a easel and rig up a board for my six foot sign to adhere to.  Everything seemed awesome... I even get the chance to spray paint the easel (I'm slightly addicted to spray painting things).  Everything was awesome until I realized the big solid board my sign goes onto doesn't fit in my car.  It fits amazingly in my husbands car, the very car he has to use to carry all of his military crap (I didn't call his stuff crap, I'll deny it) to work in.  I have a friend that when she found out she was pregnant with her first kiddo she ran out and bought a mini-van... I think I'll hitch a ride with her.  She is one of the friends I wouldn't mind holding up my sign, but she is only 5'3" and would look a little silly standing on a chair holding my sign.  Still a funny thought to to think...  I'd better send her a text... the trials of being me can be exhausting.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I'm a complete and utter vampire t.v. whore.... and I'm totally jonesing for some Eric.  I can not wait for True Blood to come back on.  I hope they give it more Sookie and Eric time.... I really do like all things supernatural. I've had a thing for vampires since I was a little girl.  My mom would be in the living room late at night and I'd sneak in the room to peek over the back of the couch to see what vampire show was on.  I'd run to my room and make sure the windows were locked so one couldn't come in and get me.  They were and are fascinating to me but I didn't want to get bit by one.  That is true up until The Lost Boys came out and it wouldn't be too bad to be a vamp. I still love the glamour of a beautiful vampire - even if he sparkles... although that is a little odd I can accept his disability.  I love Damon and Stephen.  I can deal with vampire Bill and swoon over Eric.  

The question is.... why did I make the star of my book series werewolves?  Very good question, I've never liked werewolves.  I've always thought they were ugly and mean until I realized they are coming from my head... and I can make them however I want.  So I did.

I hope you take the time to write what you want... not what others expect from you. Trying to please everyone was the largest obstacle I had to overcome.  I finally sat back and wrote what I wanted...  

I hope you write what makes you happy.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I want a book trailer.  I had a friend that was going to do it, but she is too a.d.d. and makes too many commitments she can't keep.  I still love her though.  I haven't a friend nor follower on this blogger thingy so who on earth is going to answer my cry for help?  Right on.  My inner shaman says that I must find the answer within. My realistic side says.... google it.

So gentle non-reader.... do book trailers really work?  I want one because I think they're cool and I want to be cool like the other kids.

I'll be gone for a few days so toodles.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ta Da! I'm an Indie author now!

I published my first young adult book The Legacy of Kilkenny -------->
two days ago.  I would've made a link to it via that cute picture over there --->
on the right if I knew how to.  Shamelessly plugging it - you too can have your very own copy of the book by going to or going to  

Now that I've done that part - let me tell you something about it.  If you love strong characters, vampires, werewolves and teenagers... you will absolutely love this story.  I wouldn't lie to you.  Never.  Ever.  It is about this boy named Abel that lives in a small town that has nothing going on... until Pru moves to town and tells him she is a werewolf.  He is a werewolf too.... not only is he a werewolf but he is the one that lore from Kilkenny talks about.... The Great Wolf.  Whoopee do right?  Notsomuch.  He will be the alpha of all packs - but he hasn't even shifted yet.  As Pru trains him for his destiny, and introducing him to the supernatural world, a sexy vampire starts wooing Abel's sister... now they are in the fight of their life to save his sister Allie from the Human Vampiric Virus (HVV).  I'm not going to tell you any more... today.

Life is short - enjoy a book today