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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Cocktail

Who cares about turkey - pass me the rum. Did I say that? I did…guilty. I have no intentions to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year. We are only three plus one (I guess we’re four) and I don’t want to slave over a meal that won’t really be appreciated. They are guys; they don’t care as long as they get food….. you know I’m right! I will make pie! I’m not taking orders for their favorite pie either….we will be having my favorite pie. It is a rich and thick chocolate pie; it will make any chocolate lovers toes curl. I said that too!

We won’t be going anywhere or watching football so I’m thinking we should get liquored up. Honestly I don’t drink…although I did recently. It didn’t turn out well for me, AT ALL. I paid for my sins, certain that I would die the next day. I have no problem with everyone else boozing it up - I’ll sit this one out. I’m a fast learner….and I learned I’m not twenty one anymore. I hope everyone has a safe and love filled Thanksgiving. Have fun shopping - don’t forget to check out your local bookstore for Black-Friday deals!

I’m sharing my favorite go-to Thanksgiving cocktail - Enjoy!

Gingersnap Heaven (and it is)
4 oz eggnog (you can use the light kind) super cold is best!
1/2 oz Ginger Brandy (chill it first)
1 oz Sailor Perry Spiced Rum (Captain Morgan will work too) CHILLED
Dash of nutmeg
1 gingersnap

Combine all but nutmeg & gingersnap in blender - pour into large wine goblet - sprinkle nutmeg & add gingersnap for dunking. I like to add Ice to the blender to chill it even more. Add more eggnog & brandy if needed.

Review Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent

Blood Bound (Unbound, #1)Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I've heard a lot about this author recently and thought I'd check her out.

Now to my review - I found this book very interesting. I like the story being told from two POV's. Olivia is a girl living on the edge as a "Skilled" blood tracker. The explanation of a blood tracker is complicated - I'll let the other reviewers explain. She doesn't want people to know that she is bound to the creep mob-type boss Ruben Cavazos. She wants to keep the secret from her ex-boyfriend Cam because she doesn't want the truth as to why she became bound to come out. Cam, he too is a Skilled person, his skill is a name tracker - he can find anyone within 80 miles by knowing their real name. Since they broke up as a couple, Cam has become bound to his boss the other mob-styled boss Jake Towers. Towers and Cavazos are mortal enemies.

Liv (Olivia) and Cam are contacted by an old friend Anne after her husband is murdered. Knowing that Cam and Liv are trackers she has requested them to find the killer and kill him. A teenage oath binds Liv to obeying the request or she will have horrible pain until she dies. They find out that the killer was actually out for the daughter Hadley. Oh the trouble that comes to those that have to hide lies, and truths found out about childhood friends.

This story was weaved in and out with complicated stories that were thought out very well. Liv's boss has a sick binding to her, he can't have sex with her without her permission but he can do other things. Those other things include beating her to a pulp if he doesn't leave marks. He kicks her, strangles her, punches her and torments her. She can do the same to him. I'm not big on men beating women and was thankful she could beat him back....If she didn't fulfill her agreement that was 6 months before it was over...he would be able to rape her. I won't give any spoilers....

I liked the story and will read more of Vincent's books.

I originally started reading this book because of several people comparing my writing style to Rachel Vincent. I wanted to know if it was good or bad. I have to say - Thank you and I'm honored.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Character Interview with Abel & Pru

Abel Casey

Here is a candid interview with Abel & Pru - the two lead characters in The Legacy of Kilkenny - I hope you enjoy!

1. Have you ever fantasized about attacking Julie while in wolf form?  *Laughing*  No, I can honestly say I haven’t.  Maybe now I will. 

2. The first time you "flew" into a tree and then jumped back down, it didn't end well for you or your ankles. Have you since been able to successfully jump without breaking any bones?  Oh man, yeah, that was totally embarrassing.  We called in a stuntman to train me on how to land without hurting myself.  Don’t tell anyone, but I actually went to Missouri for a week to attend a circus class.  They put belts around my waist and lifted me high in the air, swinging me around like a balloon until it was time to come down.  Dolly told me it made me ‘graceful’ when I jumped.  If the pack finds out about that, they will never let me forget that I’m graceful. *grins as he rolls his eyes*

3. Do you miss your friendship with Shane, or do you think things are better since you and he drifted apart? Do you ever wonder if you'd have ended up being like him if you hadn't met Pru?
I miss Shane all of the time and maybe when he gets out of rehab I will invite him out to the farm.  Chrissy helped me organize an intervention for him and I paid for this really amazing rehab place in Florida, their success rate is very high.  No pun intended.  He should be out soon.  I can say without a doubt that I would never do drugs.  I can’t believe he did, but I’m confident he will be fully recovered and will stay away from the drugs.  At least I hope so.
4. When you're a wolf, what's your favorite animal to hunt? Do you like to hunt alone or do you have more fun when other werewolves are with you?  I was a little self conscience about having people around in the beginning but it’s getting easier.  We have this rabbit that Pru insists we can’t harm it, but we can play with him.  He is a fast little sucker, man he can weave in and out of the trees like nobody’s business.

5. Does the idea of bumping into the Kilkenny Pack again, and Patrick in particular, make you feel nervous or excited? Are you ready to flaunt your new status as the Great Wolf, or do you still need more time to get used to it?  There is a pack convention next year in Ireland, all alphas will be there.  I think I’ll be ready, I’ll cross my fingers.  I believe that convention takes place in the third book.  You’ll have to wait and see how it goes.  

Pru Phelan

1. Did you ever decide on a good way to kill Abel? What was the most bizarre death-plan you ever came up with for him?  There is a rare spider that the bite will make a person look as if they are dead and it can be as long as a week before the person comes out of it.  The problem was, it would be very painful for him in the hours it takes before the venom immobilizes him.  We scratched that idea but came up with one we were going to use on him after the holiday weekend.  I’d talked to Alecia, the head of a local coven and she made a concoction that would do the same thing.  It was a potion he would drink and the spell would make him look dead to anyone that sees him.  I still have the potion in my room. *smiling* It might come in handy.

2. You drive a pretty sweet car, a 2011 SS Camaro. Did you pick this particular car out for yourself, or was it a gift? Have you always had amazingly fabulous cars to drive, or was this your first car?  Oh, my Camero?  It was a gift from my parents when I graduated.  It is the first car that is all mine.  I had free use of the farm truck and it wasn’t a fancy one like my dad’s.  No, it was always caked in red mud and reeked like horse dung.  I would have been happy with anything that didn’t smell like a farm. *laughing*  Seriously, I would have been.  I hear that Oakley and Bryon picked out the Camero and convinced my dad it would be perfect for me. 

3. Sparks fly when Shaynie moves into your house. Do you think things would have been so heated between the two of you if you'd grown up with a sister or two? And for that matter, how different do you think you'd be if you'd had a younger sister growing up?  Shaynie?  Yeah, well she is special. (clears throat) Shaynie is perfectly aggravating and at the same time she is sweet as syrup.  I’m still on the fence about her, but I will say she is a master at her craft.  I’ve always liked the fact that we are an all male pack.  I guess it would have been nice to have someone to do girl things with, I just made the boys play dolls.  I did!  Ask them!

4. If Oakley weren't in the picture, would you allow yourself to enjoy, or give into, the dreams you've been having lately about Arien? Or do you think they'd still be horribly disconcerting? Because I've gotta say, for a mean, evil vampire, he's pretty hot. Don't you think so too?  He may be pleasing to the eye, but he is not a good vampire, not that I think any of them are good, but he is far from it.  We found Allie’s journal after she left and I see her in a totally different way.  The pack decided to let Devyn release the journal, she named it The Seduction and it came out on Oct 31.  I can’t imagine that I would ever get involved with a vampire after what I read.  They are sneaky, narcissistic, indulgent pains in the ass.  I’m sorry, can I say ass?  Pain in the butt.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Teaser Tuesday - The Iron Knight

"I've seen mortals 'in love' before.  They're blind and foolish, and their hearts are so fragile.  What would I do with such a thing if I had it?"  ~ Ash

Teaser Tuesday  - open up your current read to a random page and pick two lines (I did three) spoilers! Post and label it teaser Tuesday so people can find your blog.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


This blog isn't about writing, it isn't about books, it isn't about authors or publishing or anything remotely close.  It  is about a young man I've recently taken the time to know.  I've actually known this child for the last eight years, but I never gave him the time of day.  I never took the time to know him.  He has been a weekend guest at our house, more so recently.  I've known he doesn't come from money and I will admit he is the darkest skinned boy I've ever met.  I don't have any issues with black people, and was proud when my daughter couldn't tell the difference of skin color.  My son has always been best friends with African American boys.  I've never thought much about it.  The boys come over on weekends and mix music and record.  Everyone calls me 'Ma'am' and have amazing respect for us and our home.  The boys aren't out drinking (they are all seniors in high school) or doing drugs - it is Friday night and they are at my house, laughing and eating and having a good time.  When I hear a cuss word I remind them where they are, and they all apologize profusely.  Where am I going with this story?  Good question.

My son was talking to me and he said how much his friend likes coming over.  I couldn't imagine why it is any fun, I figure we are boring.  My son told me he likes it because he gets to eat.  Huh?  What?  He isn't petite by any means.  I ask what that means.  He told me he lives with his dad and they can only afford Ramen Noodles and that is what they eat.  Now let me back up two days ago.  I told my son... "No one over tonight, I'm not feeding anyone, I want silence."  Now I feel horrible.  It isn't about how I feel though.  I turned my back on a child, he is 17 but he is still a child and I turned him away for dinner.  I turned around and told him that his friend is welcome over to eat with us ANY time.

It is a shame that in our own backyard a boy should only be able to have noodles for dinner.  I don't know the father, I don't know where they live, well I know it isn't in the best neighborhood.  I know nothing at all.  A boy I've known for 8 years and this is the first time I took the chance to know him - for 8 years he could have eaten at my table.  I didn't know.  Why would I write this out?  Actually, I don't know.  I guess I want everyone to take the time to get to know that kid you might not know very well.  Don't judge a person by the color of their skin.  Trust me, I know plenty of white trashy kids and plenty that have been disrespectful in my house.

I don't have anything funny to say - but the holiday season is coming up, maybe someone could use some help.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Guest Interview & Giveaway from Georgia Cates

I was tantalized by mystery of her. The leech inside me came out to find prey, but found none in this enigmatic girl. The close proximity of her essence didn't entice the monster within, so what did that make her? I had more questions than answers, but one thing was unmistakable; although she released me from her embrace, her hold on me remained. 

Cruel circumstances turned Curry Brennan into the wretched monster he hates and refuses to accept, but when an expected turn of events releases him from the bond of his obsessive maker, he returns to the home he knew 161 years earlier and finds the return of happiness and joy in something he didn’t know existed. Puzzled by his growing attraction to Chansey Leclaire, a human, he is unable to resist the captivating relationship that threatens to reveal his existence as a vampire. He eventually discovers the reason he was destined to find what he didn’t know he searched for and is faced with the cruel realization that the living and the immortal undead will always be separated by one thing. Eternity.

Recently I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful up and coming author Georgia Cates.  You will absolutely D I E over her gorgeous cover.  Her first book Blood of Anteros is sexy and has a new vampire twist, you’ll find yourself up all night with this page turner in hand.

1.  Where did you come up with the idea for Blood of Anteros?
I pulled it out of my....imagination. I knew I wanted to do a vampire romance, which is certainly overdone, but not always done well. This is the book I searched to find, as a reader, and it didn’t exist. I wanted the reader to experience the story from the male point of view, seeing his emotions and internal thoughts about Chansey, the enigmatic woman he can not understand.

2.  What character was your favorite to write?  Why?
Curry is my favorite character. (And I do have a crush on him, but don’t tell my husband.) Again, this story is told in first person, from his point of view, and his personality shines. Because the reader hears his thoughts and feelings, she can’t help but fall in love with him.

3.  Do you have a certain process you do to get the creative juices flowing?
I absolutely have a ritual. I am a huge music head and there is rarely a time when I don’t listen to music. I listen to music to brainstorm and I have a huge playlist that plays the entire time I write. When I hear an inspiring song, I listen to it over and over as I see the scene of the book playing out in my head, like a movie.
4.  How long did it take you to write Blood of Anteros?
I “toyed” with the idea of writing Blood of Anteros for about 2 years before I finally sat down and became serious about it. It is my first book and I kept thinking, “I’ll do it one day.” It evolved several times during those 2 years before it solidified into what it is today, but it really took about 3 months to write and edit once I actually got started. 
5.  What is one thing about you that your fans don’t know about you?
Besides being a nurse and writer, I am also a part time graphic designer, so I have a leg up when it comes to graphics. I designed my own book cover, which a lot of writers do, but not very well. I am married to the world’s best graphic designer, so I was taught by the best.

6.  If you had one super power what would it be?
I would want to grant wishes, like a genie. People’s desires reveal who they really are and it would make it easy to see who was a real friend.

7.  Would you prefer going to the park for a relaxing picnic or are you an amusement park roller coaster person?
I’m a total adrenaline junkie and worse than any child I know about loving rides. The faster, the better and I’ll go to the park and picnic when I have a condition listed on the “Don’t Ride This Ride If” sign.
8.  What are the last five books you’ve read?
            Craved by Stephanie Nelson
            Blood Rites by Quinn Loftis (To be released on Nov. 30 to the public)
            Prince of Wolves by Quinn Loftis
            Laney by Joann I Martin Sowles
            The Dark Lands Series by Autumn Dawn

9.  What author has inspired you the most on your journey?

Autumn Dawn has inspired me more than any other author. Her very candid and honest blog about her journey as a self publishing author has encouraged me to reach for the stars instead of the cookie jar. I really don’t think I would have ever left that place called “I’ll do it one day” if I hadn’t discovered her.
Thanks, Autumn, for being so real about your journey and how you made it to where you are today.
10.  What is the story behind your title and cover?
I didn’t give my book a title until it was completely finished because I didn’t want to feel like I was locked into something that would influence the story. I toyed with ideas, but it was the mystery behind what Chansey is that influenced the title and to explain it further, would be a total spoiler. 
My cover is how I envisioned Chansey through Curry’s eyes. I altered her eyes to the description Curry gives us the first time he makes eye contact with her. It took months to find “the look” I wanted because her character is beautiful, yet I didn’t see her as a super model. She is naturally pretty without the work. I really dig hair accessories, so she had to have one.

11.  What do your order at your favorite coffee shop?
Without doubt, it would be a White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks. I love to try new things in all aspects of my life, but when it comes to my drink, I am a ritualistic.

12.     Is Blood of Anteros a series or a stand alone book?
It is the first book in The Vampire Ag├ípe Series. I am currently working on the second and it is completed in my mind, I just have to get it down. I currently see this as a 3 book series, but we’ll see where it goes. If it takes a different avenue, I’m cool with that.

13.     Do you have a book trailer?
I currently do not have a book trailer, but I am married to the world’s greatest computer ninja, so when I’m ready to tackle it, he is at my disposal.

14.     There are some pretty spicy scenes in the book without getting too graphic, what can your adult readers expect?
The relationship between Curry and Chansey is complex, but their feelings for one another are not. The reader experiences the evolvement of their relationship, told from Curry’s point of view, which is highly sensual. As a vampire with heightened senses, his description of intimate moments brings the reader something they won’t find in any ordinary romance novel.

15.     Final question!  If your book were made into a movie, who would be your dream cast?
Ooooh....That’s a toughy. I totally see Curry being Oliver Goodwill. You probably don’t know who he is. Oliver was that totally yummy guy in Evanescence’s music video “Call Me When You’re Sober.” I still dig him, 5 years later.
My perfect Chansey would be Kristin Kreuk. I love her naturally exotic, wholesome beauty and her hazel eyes are perfect.
Solomon would definitely be Jonathan Rhys Myers, from The Tudors, because that’s who I pictured when I wrote about him.


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