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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Legacy of Kilkenny - The Seduction - Malevolence

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The Legacy of Kilkenny - Book One - The Legacy Series
The legend has been confirmed, the Great Wolf has been born. Pru was sure she had it right, his name is Abel Casey and he is in Oklahoma. She had only been having visions for a short amount of time, but who knows for sure since she was only three years old. The secret of his existence must be hidden, in the wrong hands and the wrong alpha, his life could end or his powers could be misused.

Oakley and his sexy southern charm was the only other guy that Pru could think about, and now that she is old enough to train Abel Casey for his destiny, Oakley has been assigned as her bodyguard. Living away from the pack just to be closer to Abel was going to be a challenge for the pack, but Pru had been training for this assignment almost all of her life. Sure they could have sent in someone else, someone that wasn’t the alpha’s daughter, someone that wasn’t a shaman, someone that couldn’t dream walk, but he deserves the best and Pru is one of the best. She isn’t cocky, just confident. Can she disobey a direct order and not get involved with Oakley? Or will this teenager find that Oakley has feeling for her too?

She takes a deep breath, rehearses everything she thought of to say and now is the time to show Abel that she is a werewolf and break it to him that he is one too. She takes his hand into hers and shares with him a vision; one that he can step into with her. It wasn’t logical, not to a human, one that has no idea that the supernatural are living all around him. He feels the vibrations as they travel into her thoughts and he looks around to see a farm house, not realizing that the wolves that start to walk closer aren’t only giant but they are shifters and would soon be his pack, and he their leader. What about his life? What about his sister Allie? She was away at college and trouble seems to find her wherever she is. Only problem with her being so far away was the fact that she started dating a vampire and it might be too late for the pack to help her. Will Allie contract the Human Vampiric Virus (HVV) and become a vampire? Is there really an antidote? Will they get to her in time to save her from a life as an immortal?

The journey will weave into an intricate storyline, from rogue werewolves and vampires with agenda’s (don’t they always have an agenda?) to first love and heartbreak. This isn’t your mama’s werewolf story, this story will take you into an urban modern teenager’s life so be prepared to keep up the pace. This is a story of growth, and how young adults can make grown-up decisions too. Someone won’t survive this tale of hope and destiny.

The Seduction - A Legacy of Kilkenny Novelette - Available Oct 31, 2011

Allie Casey has left Oklahoma and has left behind her journal.  Take a look inside the college student that was seduced by a vampire and her journey into the secret vampire world.  This quick read will open your eyes to the life of a teenage girl and her feelings of love, lust and family.

Malevolence - Book Two - The Legacy Series - Available Dec, 2011

Living the life of a werewolf has aged our friend Abel Casey into an adult lifestyle.  A rogue wolf is biting humans and turning them into werewolves, Abel and Oakley are bringing them to the Phelan farm to train them for their new life as a werewolf.  A stranger comes looking for the Phelan family after suffering a werewolf bite and suffers from amnesia.  Without knowing who she is and where she came from puts her in danger of losing her grip on her humanity.  

Pru has flown to Paris to spend some time with her mom.  Her new bodyguard Gus may lack the southern charm of Oakley, but he will protect her with his life.  They go out looking for answers regarding the vampires that have moved to Oklahoma, they find out more about the seedy world of supernaturals living in France.  They will stumble into demons and witches that are blocking them from the truth.  When they get a obscure message that Dolly is in danger, Oakley and Abel fly to Paris to unite as a pack.  Tempers flair between Oakley and Gus, is Oakley jealous that another man is protecting the one he loves?

You'll find this gripping story a page turning suspense filled young adult book.  The teens are older and the adult situations may be too much for our young Great Wolf.  Someone will become a parent before the story is over, and four will be dead.

Note from the author - Thank you so much for all of the support and outpouring of love for my favorite pack of wolves.  I hope you enjoy the entire series.  

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1st Place = The Vampire Diaries board game (don't you just love Damon!) and an E-copy of The Legacy of Kilkenny & The Seduction Novelette
2nd Place = E-copy of The Legacy of Kilkenny & The Seduction Novelette

Good luck!  Happy Halloween!  

Thursday, October 20, 2011


My Lovies - You will be hearing a lot from me this month and I hope you find the prizes to be delightful!  I'll be doing a blog hop hosted by - I'm so excited to have my very own book blog tour.  Here are the blogs and dates I'll be featured on.  The bottom of this post has all the different giveaways! 

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Monday, October 17, 2011

My Secret to Writing with a Fresh Perspective

Using Crystals to Help You Stay Focused on Writing by Devyn Dawson

            Everyone is always asking me if I have a routine I do before I write.  I do have a few things that I do to make it a more productive writing session.  If I know I’m going to do a long marathon of writing, I write at the dining room table.  There is a white candle that I burn to help with positive energy and a black candle to absorb the negative energy.  Weird right?  I’d like to clarify that I am not a witch, nor do I practice magic.  I do however believe in energy in the room, or even in myself.  I do use crystals to help me with my writing and feel that even if it is psychosomatic, no one is harmed and in my head it helps.  I keep them in a bag and I keep it on my person when I’m writing.  If you’re interested in crystals, there are a lot of places to buy them online.  Here is the list of crystals that I use.

Amethyst - this is a stone I wear and my kids do too.  Amethysts really help you stay focused and helps people with A.D.D. stay on task.  It is something you can put under your pillow for pleasant dreams.  It helps with headaches by rubbing the stone on your forehead.  Did you know that Catholic Bishops wear an amethyst to symbolize humility, sincerity, and wisdom?  When not in use, place it in a window sill to absorb sunlight.  I have to have it on my when I write - if I have no other stone, I must have it.

Green Calcite -  This stone will help give you balance in the mind and is gives off positive energy while it absorbs the negative.  It is also good for arthritis. 

Rose Quartz - It is very helpful at giving inner peace.  It is known to be the love stone and will help you open your heart to be responsive to love.  I use this stone to help with feelings in my story.

Blue Quartz - It helps calm the mind (sounds like I have ADD doesn’t it?) - it gives you understanding, and it inspires hope.

Kyanite - It restores energy and gives you inner peace and tranquility.  This stone is known to help the mind be clear and is a useful stone for writers.

Tigers eye - Rumor is, the person that wears this stone cannot be lied to.  It lets you see everything.  It is a good luck stone and will protect you from the evil eye (not that I’m in danger of the evil eye, but I’m protected!).

Quartz Crystal - Oh this is an amazing stone - this stone gives off energy and is known to heal.  It gives you deeper understanding and helps you have clear thoughts.  It is important that other people not handle this stone for you.  It is best if it only has your energy.  To recharge the crystal - set it in the window sill during a full moon - it will clear it from any negativity that may have been absorbed.

Hematite - If you wear this stone as jewelry, you should wear it on your left hand.  It increases your intuition.  This stone is great for protecting you against bleeding and it is said to make you invincible in battle.  I don’t particularly think it will and not willing to test that theory.

Fulgerite - This stone is created by lightning strikes.  It connects you to divine energy and will open up your psychic energy.

Those are the stones I use.  I keep them in a nice small amulet bag.  If you have crystals that you use, let me know about them.  I’m always wanting to know more about them and the earth energy surrounding them.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Hop for Red October

Must be 18 to win.  Open to US fans only.

One winner will win an  autographed Heather Brewer book "The Slayer Chronicles First Kill" and an e-copy of The Legacy of Kilkenny.   Second place is a $5.00 gift card to Books A Million and a e-copy of The Legacy of Kilkenny.  Please leave your email address in your comment - See below for ways to enter the contest.  I will email to notify the winner - if  response is not received with mailing address within 24 hours, I will have to randomly pick another winner.  Thank you for following me and Happy Halloween and reading!

Contest ends at 11:59 pm EST Oct 11, 2011