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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Teaser Tuesday - The Light Tamers

Teaser Tuesday
The Light Tamers 
by Devyn Dawson

The first excerpt from my WIP - a teaser to make you beg from more...

It’s Sunday morning and I wake up in a panic.  What am I going to wear?  Should I go shorts or jeans?  These are decisions for popular girls.  Girls that get to go on dates.  Not my kind of girl, the kind with curves.  My boobs grew for three years straight, I never thought they would quit.  Mom always said she had no idea where I got the boob gene, definitely not her side of the family.  No, I have hips and boobs, long legs and a semi small waist.  Why didn’t I think about this stuff last night, when I had twelve more hours to go?  Looking at the clock I realize I have exactly one hour and three minutes before he gets here.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Young Adult Giveaway Hop 1/27 - 1/31

First I'd like to thank I am a Reader, Not a Writer and Down the Rabbit Hole for hosting this fabulous giveaway! Up for grabs is one AUTOGRAPHED copy of Malevolence by yours truly Devyn Dawson.

All those people over there ====================================>

They are all giving away a YA book or gift card! Check them out!!

It's easy peasy to enter - just fill out the Rafflecopter below =)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Malevolence - Legacy Series Book Two OUT TODAY!!

Hi to all of my Kindle owners! The second book in The Legacy of Kilkenny series Malevolence, released today. It had to go a week early due to a serious illness in the family. I'll be traveling to Texas for the next 4-6 weeks. I intend to have it available on Nook for all of my Nook friends in the next couple of days. I hope you love it

Thursday, January 5, 2012

First I must say thank you to I Am A Reader, Not A Writer & W32READS for hosting this fun hop. There are over 100 entrants and each will have their own rules - but the one thing we all have in common??? We are each giving away a fabulous faerie or fantasy (YA) book to YOU for FREE! Can I get a Woot! Woot! My giveaway is open to USA only - sorry. OKIE DOKIE - So, take a look at the list to the right side of my blog & try to hit us all up. This giveaway is from 1/6 - 1/12/2012

Love ya bunches... Oh, BTW - my book Malevolence will be released 1/17/12 - so come back for more fun! I have giveaways and stuff going on all the time.


Jean Honeychurch hates her boring name (not Jean Marie, or Jeanette, just . . . Jean). What's worse? Her all-too-appropriate nickname, Jinx. Misfortune seems to follow her everywhere she goes even to New York City, where Jinx has moved to get away from the huge mess she caused in her small hometown. Her aunt and uncle welcome her to their Manhattan town house, but her beautiful cousin Tory isn't so thrilled. . . .

In fact, Tory is hiding a dangerous secret one that could put them all in danger. Soon Jinx realizes it isn't just bad luck she's been running from . . . and that the curse she has lived under since the day she was born may be the only thing that can save her life.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Prince of Wolves (The Grey Wolves Series)Prince of Wolves by Quinn Loftis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have to say that I thought this book was both interesting and well thought out. In the supernatural world the real world becomes obsolete. I say that, because the relationship between Jacques & Fane was immediate. He is a wolf as she is half wolf, and wolves fall in-love at a different pace than humans do. They basically imprinted - but female wolves are rare, and some jack-butt wolf was trying to claim her as his own. As her friend Jen would say "Oh, hell no." There had to be some drama, it isn't a good story without a little drama, right.

Jacques friends Jen and Sally... quick witted and smart mouthed, but all in all they love their friend. They don't want bad things to happen to her. Would you, if it were your best friend? I thought about when my daughter was a teen and her friends....well, they were like Jen and Sally. I wanted to strangle them half the time, but they were loyal friends.

I found POW a very good read for a young adult girl between the ages of 13-17 and they will swoon over Fane. Quinn gave us a great new twist to the werewolf world. Her Romanian was pretty good too. Now go read the story to find out why I said that!

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