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Monday, July 24, 2017

Fallen - The Dark Side of Good

From the author of The Light Tamer Trilogy comes the first book Fallen, in the duet series, The Dark Side of Good.

You met Amber in The Light Tamer Trilogy. She was the smart-mouthed side-kick of Jessie Lucente. (SPOILER ALERT ABOUT THE LIGHT TAMER TRILOGY) At the end of Light Bound, Amber, distraught over Thorne, she stabs herself with the Sword of Darkness. Instead of spending her life as a Dark One with Thorne, he is healed and Amber is left Dark.

Readers who love adventures like, The Red Queen, or The Iron Fey, will enjoy being transported into the magical world Devyn has created.

Everything Amber loves is threatened when she framed for a murder she didn't commit.

When Amber escaped from the Council with Thorne, she was framed for murder. The Council set the reward for her capture so steep, bounty hunters hunted her like a wild animal.

After three years on the run, it takes two Witches, one Guardian, an Elf, and a moody Shadow Warrior to clear her name.

When Amber impaled herself with the Sword of Darkness, she was imprisoned by the Council to be tested ruthlessly. They feared what they didn't know, and in the process they denied her freedom. Her anger grew day by day, until she finally escaped. Thorne helped her, and together they created a band, The Dark Side of Good. While hidden under a glamour, they toured the United States, having concerts wherever they could. Friendships are made, some are lost, but together, they fight for the truth.