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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Spooktacular Blog Hop

First I'd like to thank I am a Reader, Not a Writer , and Rhianna The Diary of a Bookworm for hosting this blog hop.  There are over 400 blogs - so check everyone out day by day.

Up for grabs is a SWAG Pack pictured below & 1 E-Copy of young adult novel  Enlightened
Autograph Quinn Loftis postcard - Autographed Tiffany King postcard - Autographed Jaz Primo bookmark - Autographed Devyn Dawson bookmark & mini-posters & magnets

Jessie Lucente, a Light Tamer, has started her junior year at Parca Academy in New Bern, NC. She has a new boyfriend, Caleb Baldwin. He is beyond good looking, he is her mate for life. They've been bound by the light and will rule and heal with it too. Her new classes aren't what she expected. Finding out the school is filled with 'gifted' kids is almost too much to comprehend. She finds out what it really means to be a Light Tamer. Some of the assumptions she had are debunked and now everything is crystal clear...well, clear as mud. Now that she is enlightened with the facts, she struggles with the truth. 

"Another fantastic story written by the fabulous author Devyn Dawson! I am really glad I started reading this series. This becomes one of my favorite series."  Goodreads Review

"LOVE LOVE LOVE this freaking series! it is quickly moving up to the top of my favorite books list!!! lol its got EVERYTHING when it comes to the supernatural world!! its AMAZING!!"  Goodreads Review

"First of all I'd just like to say: CRAP, didn't see that ending coming..........
What a fantastic edition to add to the Tamer Series."  Amazon Review

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Win $50 Gift Card

Howdy folks, it's me, the random blogger.  I finally released Enlightened.  Oh, what a horrible writing experience that book was.  I dreaded saying anything while I was writing it, but I was suffering from a horrible case of writer's block.  I knew how I want the trilogy to end...and I even knew how I wanted Enlightened to was all the stuff in the middle that left me crazy.

Shortly after I started writing the book, my dad died.  A  couple of weeks after my dad's death, my son graduated high school.  Within the same week, he announced his girlfriend is having a baby...his baby.  Talk about a summer of insanity.  I moved a pregnant teen into my house and crossed my fingers that God would show me what to do next.  He didn't show me to write a book...nope.  I wrote every single day... I deleted as much as I wrote.  I originally had a deadline of August 30, I'm still laughing over my first missed deadline.  One week before releasing the book, I deleted 14,000 words - the ending of the book.  Ouch.  I promised the fans it would be out on October 10, 2012...and I'd be damned if I didn't make it.  I swear I was up until 7 in the morning for a week, writing...deleting...writing....crying....cussing  Not always in that order.

It's been a week since the book was released, and I've been sitting here biting my nails waiting for reviews.  I knew the twist at the end would be unexpected.... I worked so hard to make sure it flowed with the right amount of mystery.  I think I made the right call, and gave Caleb and Jessie a tale like no other.

I hope you have a chance to read Enlightened.  The book is now available in print and e-book.  Don't forget to follow my Facebook page - I'm having some great giveaways through November.  Thank you to everyone that believed in me, and everyone that has fallen in love with Jessie & Caleb.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Enlightened - Playlist

The Enlightened Playlist

1.  Simple Man   - Shinedown
2.  Pitter Pat  - Erin McCarley
3.  Relax My Beloved - Alex Clare
4.  Lovesick Mistake -  Erin McCarley
5.  Prophecy - Lukas Rossi
6.  Primadonna  - Marina and the Diamonds
7.  Lies - Marina and the Diamonds
8.  Closer to You - Adelitas Way
9.  It's Time - Imagine Dragons
10.  Breath of Life - Florence and the Machines
11.  Gold on the Ceiling - The Black Keys
12.  Ho Hey  - The Lumineers
13.  Never Let Me Go  - Florence and the Machines
14.  Dancin Aweay with My Heart  - Lady Antebellum
15.  Wanted You More  - Lady Antebellum
16.  Wanted - Hunter Hayes
17.  I don't want to Miss a Thing - Aerosmith
18.  Enchanted  - Taylor Swift
19.  Postcards from Paris  - The Band Perry

Friday, October 5, 2012

Quinn Loftis Autographed postcard giveaway

Here's your chance to win this signed Grey Wolf Series postcard & Prince of Wolves bookmark.
You must be 13 and over to win - I'm not responsible for lost mail.

Thank you for playing - and a HUGE THANK YOU to my friend Quinn for offering up this great swag for my blog.  She's kinda amazing!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Enlightened....update from author

It's one in the afternoon on the day I was to release Enlightened.  It wasn't released, but it will be on 10/10/12.  I have a couple of reasons why.  I'd thought it would be nice to have something positive on a date that has otherwise been bad for me.  Today is the 10 year anniversary of my mother's death.  I decided that it was more important to remember her today, and not worry about book sales.  That is the first reason why I didn't release it.

The second reason I'm not ready to release it....I changed my mind about the ending of the book.  You see, I decided to reveal the biggest secret to Light Tamers.  I feel that you the reader will want to know....because...because....because - it will have you wanting more in the third book.  I've outlined the third book, and I know how the trilogy ends... What!  Yes...trilogy.  Wait, no whips...please...this isn't 50 Shades of anything.  I do plan on writing another book after the third ends....and that's all I'm saying.  Okay, so I deleted about 14,000 words which meant...I had to rewrite them into the ending I wanted for Enlightened.  I am tweaking the ending right now... and I was up until 3 in the morning writing...I've not left my house since Friday or was that Thursday...I don't know.   I think some will love it.....some will hate it.... and some will never see it coming.  I'm very, very, very excited to hear your reaction.  My betas haven't seen the ending and only two know what's about to happen.  They're sworn to secrecy....

Now you know why Enlightened isn't out.  I'm curious what people think is about to happen.  It will be ready and out on Oct 10.... cross my heart!