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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Top Ten Ideas for Authors Social Media Marketing

Ten Ideas for Authors To Utilize Social Media for Marketing

1.        Do you use hashtags?  Are you confused what a hashtag is?  
a.       Hashtags are keywords that people use to find things going on with Twitter or Instagram.  If I wanted to enter some contests to win stuff from authors, I’d go to Twitter and type in “giveaway” --- try it out, I just did and there are at least 100 tweets with that keyword in the last hour.  On Twitter, if you want to know what’s happening take a look at the “trending now” – those are keywords most used at the moment.

     2.  Sticking with keywords, do you use them when you post a blog?  People actually go on blogger and keyword search for blogs about things that a person wants to read about.   For this blog post, I will use a keyword of top ten, marketing for authors, marketing, books, indie author, top ten tips, tips for authors, writing,

3  3.  Use Twitter the smart way.  Who has time to tweet all day?  I don't.  I use a program to do my tweets for me.  Usually on Sunday, I will figure out what authors I want to pimp during the week, a few random tweets about random things, and about book sales I might have.  I use but many use tweetdeck.  Pick what works for you!  
  4.  Write a book description that will knock your potential readers socks off!  You can go to Author Central to update your book info.  Do you need help? Check this out -     

5.  If you're an author, you've probably heard of Bookbub.  There are other places that will generate sales for lower prices.  You can schedule with several of the places for the same day and get more exposure.  Here are a few -

6.  If you're not familiar with Facebook Events, get familiar.  When you have a book release, you can have a party and invite people.  Go out and spend some money for goodies to give out.  Authors and bloggers are happy to join in on the fun, invite them!  Don't spam them, that's very bad form.  Give away $5 gift cards to Amazon - give away e books by other authors.

7.  Pinterest!  Create a board with your inspirations for your book.  Your dream cast for the movie is a big hit with fans.  Create a board with all your favorite blogs and favorite books.  Fans like to know what you read too!  

8.  Blog!  Authors are always looking for bloggers to do a cover reveal, sign up and do the reveal.  When you are ready to do your own cover reveal, you can send a message to the authors you helped out and ask if they would mind doing one for you.  Don't demand it!    

9.  Do NOT use Facebook to post all of the things that tick you off.  Recently, I saw a negative status and I went to check out their wall - every single status over a month was all negative.  They hated everything and everyone.  There's enough negativity in the world, post positive things.  Find a funny meme to share if you have nothing nice to say.  Golden rule, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

10.  Join the writing groups on Facebook.  There are tons of them everywhere.  Keep in mind though, if it is a site that is only a place to announce your book is on sale, people don't usually look at them.  Join groups that are in the same genre you write.  Type in keywords to search for groups.  There are critique groups, indie groups, blogger groups, young adult groups.... you get the idea.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cover Reveal The Ascendant Series

Double Cover Reveal!!!

Titles: Rout of the Dem-Shyr and Rise of the Faire-Amanti
Series: The Ascendant Series, Books 2 and 3
Author: Raine Thomas
Publisher: Iambe Books, LLC
Cover Designer: Regina Wamba of Mae I Design
Genre: New Adult Sci-Fi Romance
Recommended Audience: Readers 17+
Projected Release Dates: Rout of the Dem-Shyr (July, 2014) and Rise of the Faire-Amanti (Nov, 2014)
~     ~     ~

On to the big reveals!

Rout of the Dem-Shyr (Ascendant Series, Book 2)
Rise of the Faire-Amanti (Ascendant Series, Book 3)

Check out the covers all together. Don't they look amazing??

Did you miss the first book in the series, Return of the Ascendant? Grab your copy today!

Amazon ~ Amazon UK ~ Barnes and Noble ~ iBooks ~ Kobo

~     ~     ~

And now, it's Trailer Reveal Time! Turn those speakers up!!!

Trailer created by Flatline Films

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Chasing Shadows Release Day!

It’s here! And it’s only 99 cents through Sunday, 5/11/14.

About Chasing Shadows (Tala Prophecy, Book 2)

Reagan thought one night changed her life forever, but her fate was written long ago.

Merging creature and white blood,
One of flame, one of night,
At eighteen years it will commence,
Spiritual warrior and power,
Will bring an end to the lawless ones.

A war looms: One that pits brother against brother for werewolf supremacy. Angels and demons will each have a say before a victor is chosen.

With her eighteenth birthday only six months away, time is running out. Reagan must find a way to harness the two powerful, ancient bloodlines coursing through her: Werewolf and Wiccan. Then, she has to figure out her role in the century-old prophecy foretold by her great-grandmother.

However, if Reagan can’t save her family from her most vicious rival, Rafe, the forces of Hell will be unleashed and the war will be over before it starts.

Add Chasing Shadows on GoodReads 

Cover Design by Jo Michaels

Amazon Link

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And don’t forget Chasing Memories (Tala Prophecy, Book 1)
Until Sunday, 5/11/14, it’s FREE!


There isn’t another way; not now. The others are coming. I can’t let them have you…

Seventeen-year-old Reagan has a problem: She can’t remember what happened the night her brother was taken. Now, the dreams haunting her from the incident are becoming more intense by the day. All the while, the lines between what’s real and what’s a product of her paranormal-obsessed mind are becoming blurred.

Is she losing her mind or has she just stepped into a world she thought only existed in books?

Caught in a web of worried parents, competing boys, Wiccan relatives, protective amulets, and psychiatrist babble, Reagan must determine the truth before it’s too late.

Amazon Link


Two great giveaway opportunities...


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Chasing Shadows by Tia Silverthorne Bach

Chasing Shadows

by Tia Silverthorne Bach

Giveaway ends May 28, 2014.
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About the Author

Tia Silverthorne Bach is an avid reader, sometimes runner, involved wife and mother, and rabid grammar hound in addition to being a multi-genre writer. Her three daughters were born in Chicago, San Diego, and Baltimore; and she feels fortunate to have called many places home. She's the award-winning co-author of Depression Cookies, a coming of age story written with her mother. Tia's office is wherever her laptop takes her and any place that's conducive to allowing a wild imagination like hers to flourish.

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