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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Instruction guide for the family of a writer - MUST READ

Instruction guide for the family of a writer

1. When we're reading blogs, tweeting, looking at groups on Facebook - we are writing - not playing!     Our MS is up in another window - we just didn't flip over fast enough.  Stop creeping.
2.  No, we have not thought about what is for dinner.  Obviously you have..... so go make something for us     both.  Duh!
3.  Just because you think we haven't gotten dressed for the day, you're wrong.  That slinky thing I wore last     night isn't comfortable to sit in.... scrubs and t-shirts are our work clothes.  Sheesh.
4.  Blog touring is exhausting.  Just because you have to physically move around at work, brain power is much  more daunting.
5.  Parent teacher conference?  You're a parent too, can't you go?  I know you work 50 miles away.  I've got to write a million words today and I have a 2 pm chat.... this is for our future too.
6.  No I'm not on the bestseller list, why do you keep asking me that?  I hate that list, I don't want to be on it.  Okay so I'm a liar but stop asking, that is bullying.  (stomping foot)
7.  Yes I went to get coffee dressed like that, I didn't get out of the car!
8.  Yes, I must talk about my sexy characters with everyone - I'm secretly talking about you (he reads this some times).
9.  Yes it is necessary to have the air down to 70 - I don't write well if I'm hot.
10.  When I make that bestseller list I'll hire a chef to cook for us, and clean all the dust bunnies.  I'll have my scrubs bejeweled to be dressier when I go to get coffee.  The son is about to graduate high school, no more PT meeting!  Yay!  I'll still blog tour and one day I'll have someone that can monitor all the social networks for me.  I will probably check them too just because they've become my friends,
11.  Just because we've never met and we only see our avatar - we sometimes know more about each other than some friends we see all of the time.  So yes, they really are my friends.

Have a great weekend!  I'm having a interview with Daniele Lanzarotta on Tuesday August 2 - she has a new book out Wide Awake.  She is giving away one e-copy of her book.  Come back Tuesday to enter the giveaway and learn more about this talented writer!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Teaser Tuesday Torment

"What am I supposed to say to them?  Surprise, I'm your daughter back from the dead," Luce practiced aloud as they were sitting at a stoplight.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Lovies

My Lovies are a group of friends that had access to read and critique The Legacy of Kilkenny before it was published.  Each person was picked because they represent the types of people that are my target audience.

I fondly think of my Lovies as my crack... not as in the drug, or even my butt....    When I was a little girl my mom would ask how many Lovies I had.  She would grab my foot and pop my toes.  For every 'crack' of my toe it was a 'Lovie' and each 'crack' represented a friend.  She would say that is how many real friends I had.  So................ each one represents a crack in my toe.

My Lovies - Lorrie, Lacey, Lara, Ken, Elaine, Shaynee, Paris, Hunter - I have more but this is the group that had the most influence for the book.

Have a great weekend


My husband is the strong quiet type, he doesn't have much to say.... well he doesn't have much to say until I've sat down to write.  Recently he was on vacation because he had just come back from being activated with the military.  While he was away I got a Yorkie.  I trained the dog not to bother me while I'm writing and how to be alone so he wouldn't have separation anxiety.  That worked until hubby came home.  For three weeks my non-talkative husband chatted me up every single time he saw my laptop in my lap.  He not only showed me how cute the puppy is when he eats, poops, sleeps, wears clothes, eats a sock, chews the wall, eats the baseboards and humps the cat... but he had to show me all of this multiple times.  I finally concluded that as long as my hubby is home on leave... I wasn't going to get any work done.  I've come to find this an endearing yet exhausting trait.  I always wonder how other people deal with intrusive people when they are in the writing mode.....

I'm doing a couple of book reviews in the next couple of weeks - so stay tuned.  I've also been vlogging so check out my youtube channel and follow my silliness as I write my second book.  Good night - good life - live well!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Teaser Tuesday

I'm starting a new book tonight so I will shamelessly plug my own book for Teaser Tuesday.

I reluctantly sat through dinner with my dignity challenged.  It completely amazed me that a nice girl like Allie would be so eager to hop in bed with the likes of a vampire, no matter how beautiful he obviously is. 

The Legacy of Kilkenny is the first book of The Legacy series by Devyn Dawson.  The story begins with Abel learning the truth about the supernatural world.  He may be a naive sixteen year old boy but the story ends with a sixteen year old man.  The story is told by both Abel and Pru.  Pru is a tough werewolf with a mission to train Abel to be a werewolf.  She is not only beautiful but smart and cool.  As the series continues it will get darker and more involved in the supernatural world.  It is available for download on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords.  Check out the book trailer - I also vlog on youtube

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Teaser Tuesday

Dimitri sat in the back as usual, for once not scanning every corner for danger.  His attention was turned inward, his expression almost pained.

The Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.  If you are one of maybe a dozen people that has never read this series, you are missing out.  This is a YA book but carries a sophistication in the writing.  This book is about a guardian (in training) and the trouble that seems to follow her.  You will meet Dimitri, and you'll never forget him.  He alone earns five yums from me.

For Teaser Tuesday open the book you are reading and take two sentences without spoilers and  blog it or comment on it here....

Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to annoy a book seller

Something about me you might not know.... I work at a large bookstore chain once a week.  I was so excited to start working there; I thought it would be full of intelligent articulate customers... I was grossly wrong. I thought that working for such a large corporation they would be concerned about their image.... again I was wrong.  I thought they could afford to pay a cleaning crew to clean the bathrooms and the store... leaving me to put away books and straighten up for another day of book hunting for customers.  Wrong.  I've come up with a few rules that you should keep in mind when you go into a book store.

1.  Know the name of the book.  Don't walk into a book store and 'think' the name of the book is something.  If you don't know the title of the book, know the author's name. We are not working for psychic hotline, we don't know the name of the book, we didn't watch Dr. Phil that day, we didn't hear the radio show you did and we don't know your aunt or what series she is reading.
2.  Put your book away in the RIGHT place.  If you put it in the wrong spot, you make it impossible for us to find it for the next customer.  Do you think we magically know that you put a business book in the fiction section?  Now the computer shows us it is in the store and another person needs the book, you make it impossible for us to find.  People are jerks when they want a book and the computer says we have it and they are running late.  They take it out on us.  Just so you know.
3.  If you get a magazine and take it to the men's bathroom with you to do whatever it is you are doing with that naked girl mag... don't put it under the trash bag.... go ahead and just put it in the trash can... I don't want to touch it.  (This happens more often than you'd think).
4.  If you have children, teach them how to put away a book.  If your child is a raging lunatic screaming freak, leave your little darling at home.  Some people come to a bookstore to study or read.
5.  Don't set your sniffling sneezing germ ridden child out to run the store like a wild zebra.
6.  If you insist on eating your food throughout the store.... throw away your trash.  I'm not your mother and I don't enjoy picking up your nasty chicken bones up off the floor.
7.  Keep in mind that we are citizens in your town, and we have blogs and we just might talk about you in a blog.... so don't act like you're above us.  I'm honestly not interested if you are a mega millionaire.... we breath the same air.

I could probably keep going...... so, now that you're totally disenchanted with book stores... and some of you are wondering where I work..... just know that it is happening in your bookstore too.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Teaser Tuesday Post

"This is the story of how as a girl of sixteen I went in search of my father and his past, and of how he went in search of his beloved mentor and his mentor's own history, and of how we all found ourselves on one of the darkest pathways into history.  It is the story of who survived that search and who did not, and why.  As a historian, I have learned that, in fact, not everyone who reaches back into history can survive it."

page 1

For Teaser Tuesday open the book you are reading and take two sentences (I did three) without spoilers and  blog it or comment on it here....

What to read?

Hello my lovely Lovies.  What shall I ramble about today?  I could tell you that it is July and I still can't find my summer shoes.  Not too exciting and not much more to say about it.

I've been trying to find a good book to read, one that tickles my imagination.  I finally finished Linger. If I were honest with you.... I thought it was empty of a story for about 3/4 of the book.  I continued reading and I found the end was interesting, enough to read the next book (I don't own yet).  I finish a book, I mourn the book... I didn't mourn this book.  Many books will take a piece of me with it.... I thought I was the only person that actually missed a book.  I'm not.  The first book I ever mourned was Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone.  I read at least 5,000 books before reading that book, it just opened up the child in me... oh, that child in me is a pistol.  Bringing you back to me finding a book to read.  I have 67 books next to my bed in my 'to read' pile.. not to mention 5 ARCs.... you'd think I'd be able to find something to read out of that stack... no.  I decided to buy more books for my Nook.  I was very excited to read Jocelyn Drake's new book.  I found the beginning very detailed and I would have to concentrate to read it.  I'm in middle of writing a book  and I can't put that much focus on remembering all the fine details from a book I'm reading.  I'm entirely too A.D.D. for that right now.  I decided to read another book that is on my Nook and is from a new author and to be honest with you I don't like it much.  I might keep reading to see if it catches my interest.  I won't tell you the title because I like the author and I don't want to turn anyone off.... I was a bit bothered when the main character was talking to another girl and they were talking about why virgins wore white and the main character said "I'm a virgin."  The other girl actually said "fingers don't count."  I found that crude... isn't that funny I find that crude but I'm not bothered by the f bomb?  I think I'll read Fallen.... I've heard mixed reviews so I'll make the leap and read it myself.  I had started The Historian but it is another book that needs your full attention.  Heavy sigh.  I avoid werewolf books while I'm writing (yes I know, I just read Linger but they aren't the kind of werewolf I'm talking about).  I do it for a couple of reasons... I don't want to steal another authors ideas, even though I'd never do that on purpose.  Kelley Armstrong once talked about her writing Bitten and how she felt she was original with a female werewolf.  After her book was published another book came out that was similar (I don't remember the name) .... she realized  that it is almost impossible to write a book that is completely original but you can write one that is different or stands out from the others.  I remind myself of that all of the time.

I only have 11 followers and if they are like me they follow too many blogs to keep up with.  I do pose a question... if you like werewolf stories, what kind do you like?  Do you want a beast or beauty with a beast within?

Have a happy day Lovies.... toodles