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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Your Inner Halloween Freak Giveaway

That's me!  I love me some Halloween - it gives me the chance to wear black and spider earrings.... oh and my skeleton jewelry... I can wear my necklace that says Good Witch.. I get to do all of that and not be considered a freak.  Don't get me wrong... I love a good freak (get your mind out of the gutter) - I just like it more when people actually appreciate my dark side.  People will come up and say things like "Oh, I just love your sparkly spider earrings, where ever did you buy those"  if I wear the same earrings in June people walk by and whisper "look at that freak"... seriously.  If you love them in October be honest with yourself and love them in June... you're the freak.  I love spooky stuff all year long.  I'm more of a glam spooky lover - you know, stuff that sparkles and stuff that is gothic.

In honor of your inner freak and MY love for all things Halloween.. I think it's time for a giveaway.  Are you ready?  Drawing will be October 11, 2011

 Okay the Rules (rules rules rules...always rules)- Giveaway only available to United States - when I become rich and famous I'll open to international.. (sorry)  Winner will be chosen by automated random program

1.  Go to my website & name just one book from my What's on my Nook tab - and comment below = 3 entries  put your email address in comment please
2.  Go to my Facebook fanpage and Like me - leave a message = 3 entries
3.  Tweet about my giveaway (email me the link devyndawson(at)yahoo(dot)com = 3 entries

E-copy of The Legacy of Kilkenny 
two autographed swag cards by me :)
1 autographed bookmark from Leah Clifford (A Touch Mortal)
1 actual paperback book of Frankenstein
1 $5.00 gift card to Books A Million

First Place =
E-copy of The Legacy of Kilkenny
2 autographed swag cards by me & swag button

Second Place -
E-copy of The Legacy of Kilkenny


  1. Love your version of Misschevious. What did you use for the blue ¿ Hope I win! cuff04atyahoodotcom. :)

  2. Oops, forgot to addsee Iron Queen is on your nook! cuff04atyahoodotcom

  3. Iron Queen! It's the first one that caught my eye, the cover is gorgeous!

    Oh, by the way, love the makeup. And I'd love your earring all year round :)

  4. Hi Devyn! I loved the Historian myself. So mysterious and intriguing. I too, love Halloween and embracing my not so inner freak. Your blog is great and I'll be giving your books a peek. Thanks!
    Yes, I was Bella before Bella Swan

  5. @Pixie - Honestly I don't remember what I used for the blue - I know I ended up wetting the shadow to get the vibrant blue :) @Emma - Thank you, Misschevious has a channel on Youtube and shows some amazing techniques - @Bella - Thank you! I have a kitty named Bella. We have 3 pets named after vampires (including her). Stay tuned for another blog tour coming soon!