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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent

Blood Bound (Unbound, #1)Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I've heard a lot about this author recently and thought I'd check her out.

Now to my review - I found this book very interesting. I like the story being told from two POV's. Olivia is a girl living on the edge as a "Skilled" blood tracker. The explanation of a blood tracker is complicated - I'll let the other reviewers explain. She doesn't want people to know that she is bound to the creep mob-type boss Ruben Cavazos. She wants to keep the secret from her ex-boyfriend Cam because she doesn't want the truth as to why she became bound to come out. Cam, he too is a Skilled person, his skill is a name tracker - he can find anyone within 80 miles by knowing their real name. Since they broke up as a couple, Cam has become bound to his boss the other mob-styled boss Jake Towers. Towers and Cavazos are mortal enemies.

Liv (Olivia) and Cam are contacted by an old friend Anne after her husband is murdered. Knowing that Cam and Liv are trackers she has requested them to find the killer and kill him. A teenage oath binds Liv to obeying the request or she will have horrible pain until she dies. They find out that the killer was actually out for the daughter Hadley. Oh the trouble that comes to those that have to hide lies, and truths found out about childhood friends.

This story was weaved in and out with complicated stories that were thought out very well. Liv's boss has a sick binding to her, he can't have sex with her without her permission but he can do other things. Those other things include beating her to a pulp if he doesn't leave marks. He kicks her, strangles her, punches her and torments her. She can do the same to him. I'm not big on men beating women and was thankful she could beat him back....If she didn't fulfill her agreement that was 6 months before it was over...he would be able to rape her. I won't give any spoilers....

I liked the story and will read more of Vincent's books.

I originally started reading this book because of several people comparing my writing style to Rachel Vincent. I wanted to know if it was good or bad. I have to say - Thank you and I'm honored.

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