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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Enlightened Cover Reveal!

Enlightened Cover Reveal
by Devyn Dawson

Recently our founder Emma Michaels announced that she is doing book covers.  I've been struggling over what my second book in The Light Tamer Series would be...until I saw Emma's work.  (I'm going Southern tune your ears to Southern).  Girl, let me tell you, that Emma girl...she got mad skills!  Have you seen her work?  Child, you must check her covers out.  They are so good you can butter my butt and call me a biscuit!   (taking a sip of some sweet tea)  Holy cow! Squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Do you get the picture?  Her work is very professional, and her prices are very affordable.  We collaborated together and decided that The Light Tamer needed a face-lift.  It makes it easier for readers to recognize they are from the same series.  I agreed.  I loved the old book cover and I love the new one.  What do I like about Emma's covers?  First, her eye for colors and subject matter are great.  Since she is a writer, she understands the need to draw the reader from the cover alone.  Not only are her covers beautiful but her banners are very attractive.  When you're considering your own cover, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions.

          1.  Will it appeal to readers?
          2.  Will it look good in print?
          3.  Does it tell a story?
          4.  Does it 'speak' to you?

Now for my cover reveal for Enlightened.  Let me know what you think!  If you want to see more of Emma's covers....


  1. Wow! That IS awesome!!! :D Love it!

  2. Thank you - I am very pleased with it.

  3. Gorgeous, and it's always great to know about talented cover artists, so I'm glad you shared. Love!

    And I'm all about the Southern speak, bless your dear heart (Southern born and bred!).