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Monday, July 30, 2012

Illegal Downloading of Books

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A few years ago, in a life before I wrote a book or heard of a Nook, I got my first (and only) illegal e-book.  I remember the email saying something like... There are three free books attached.  I remember thinking that I didn't have time at work to sit and read a book on the computer.  It never crossed my mind that it was a book that someone was selling.  I put the email in a folder to read some day in my free time.  I never did download them.  I do feel guilty though, because I forwarded that email to a couple of friends.  That is how it is spread, and it becomes viral...and I'm sorry that I didn't think about what I was doing.  I know better now.

Wow, what time teaches us.  I'm starting my own campaign to stop illegal sharing of books.  You might think to yourself... Self, that book only costs 99 cents, it won't hurt anyone.  You might even think to yourself... Self, that author is making tons of money, they can afford to miss out on one sale.  Every book that we write is work.  Do you want to work for free?  It doesn't matter if it is Stephen King or Devyn Dawson (me), we both have to make a living.  It doesn't matter if you steal a pair of socks from Nieman Marcus or Wal-Mart, it is stealing.

I know that a lot of younger people read books, and they may not realize that they can't illegally trade books.  Yes, some books have the 'lend me' option, and that is NOT illegal, and please use it.

I'll tell you another bit of trivia about me.  I love love love Twilight, and if you don't like someone else's blog.  When Stephenie Meyer's partial book from Edward's POV was made public.. I read a few pages... but I was reading on the author's website that she asked people not to read it.  She said that since someone had leaked it, she was putting it up for anyone to read but would rather we didn't.  I never finished it.  I did that out of respect to the author.

What will you take from this blog today?

A.  I call myself Self?
B.  I'm a Twilight lover?
C.  That you shouldn't download books illegally?
D.  That Nieman Marcus sells socks?

Because I love you all... I'll give one person all four of my e-books for free.  Please spread the word!

Stop illegal downloading of e-books. Please do not accept illegal book files.


  1. Devyn, join us at

  2. I have never not bought a book be it listed for free or 99 cents! I do have my cap on how much I'll pay then I'll just buy the hard copy! Thanks for the amazing Giveaway! I follow via GFC/Tobi on my other account. I have a kindle!

    Thanks again!
    <3 Tobi

  3. I have a Kindle Ereader and my name on GFC is Kristen Heyl

  4. I can't see any need to download books illegally!! Amazon offers so many free and super cheap books for your Kindle, why would you risk illegal downloads?

    1. I still need to set up a GFC account. I will have to get back to you on that!

  5. I can't believe all of the stealing that is going on...I've been seeing posts everywhere about pictures, ebooks, and etc. and the worst part is someone else is claiming that the work is there' sad.

    I have a Kindle Fire.

  6. Not what I expected but good and needed to be said. There are so many books given free for a weekend or a day here and there directly by the authors that even a thieving heart need not steal.

    There is no excuse for pirating.

  7. I have an iPad and my GFC name is Leslie Dover

  8. Congratulations to Leslie Dover! She won the giveaway =) Be sure to check my blog often, I have giveaways about once a month. Gift cards, books, swag...stuff