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Thursday, October 18, 2012

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Howdy folks, it's me, the random blogger.  I finally released Enlightened.  Oh, what a horrible writing experience that book was.  I dreaded saying anything while I was writing it, but I was suffering from a horrible case of writer's block.  I knew how I want the trilogy to end...and I even knew how I wanted Enlightened to was all the stuff in the middle that left me crazy.

Shortly after I started writing the book, my dad died.  A  couple of weeks after my dad's death, my son graduated high school.  Within the same week, he announced his girlfriend is having a baby...his baby.  Talk about a summer of insanity.  I moved a pregnant teen into my house and crossed my fingers that God would show me what to do next.  He didn't show me to write a book...nope.  I wrote every single day... I deleted as much as I wrote.  I originally had a deadline of August 30, I'm still laughing over my first missed deadline.  One week before releasing the book, I deleted 14,000 words - the ending of the book.  Ouch.  I promised the fans it would be out on October 10, 2012...and I'd be damned if I didn't make it.  I swear I was up until 7 in the morning for a week, writing...deleting...writing....crying....cussing  Not always in that order.

It's been a week since the book was released, and I've been sitting here biting my nails waiting for reviews.  I knew the twist at the end would be unexpected.... I worked so hard to make sure it flowed with the right amount of mystery.  I think I made the right call, and gave Caleb and Jessie a tale like no other.

I hope you have a chance to read Enlightened.  The book is now available in print and e-book.  Don't forget to follow my Facebook page - I'm having some great giveaways through November.  Thank you to everyone that believed in me, and everyone that has fallen in love with Jessie & Caleb.


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