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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Teaser Tuesday - Amber's Faerie Tale

From Amber's Faerie Tale - release date 2/25/14

I giggle to myself as he trips on his shoelaces as he heads back to our table.

“You really should tie your shoes.  Gimme your foot,” I say and pat my knee.  He grins that ridiculously adorable cat-like grin at me and places his foot on my knee.  I tell him step by step how to tie the shoe. He watches me as though it is the most fascinating thing he’s ever watched before.  We’re both too busy with his shoe to notice a group of snobs from school.

“Oh Thorne, how cute, you got yourself a little pet to tie your shoe.  If you decide to give up on little gothic girls, give me a call,” Stacy the school skank says.  She thinks that since she’s the captain of the cheerleader squad that she’s entitled to date whomever she wants.

Thorne looks at Stacy as though she’s grown a horn out of her forehead.  “You’re really not my type.  You’re simply ordinary, and I’m not an ordinary kind of person.  By the way, Amber is anything but ordinary, she’s amazing.”  The words fall from his lips and my heart leaps to my throat.  “Could you scurry away now, we’re having a private conversation,” Thorne says sarcastically.

FROM THE AUTHOR - If you haven't read The Light Tamer, get your free ecopy now and find out who Amber is.  Happy reading!  Add Amber's Faerie Tale to your TBR list! 

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