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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What to read?

Hello my lovely Lovies.  What shall I ramble about today?  I could tell you that it is July and I still can't find my summer shoes.  Not too exciting and not much more to say about it.

I've been trying to find a good book to read, one that tickles my imagination.  I finally finished Linger. If I were honest with you.... I thought it was empty of a story for about 3/4 of the book.  I continued reading and I found the end was interesting, enough to read the next book (I don't own yet).  I finish a book, I mourn the book... I didn't mourn this book.  Many books will take a piece of me with it.... I thought I was the only person that actually missed a book.  I'm not.  The first book I ever mourned was Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone.  I read at least 5,000 books before reading that book, it just opened up the child in me... oh, that child in me is a pistol.  Bringing you back to me finding a book to read.  I have 67 books next to my bed in my 'to read' pile.. not to mention 5 ARCs.... you'd think I'd be able to find something to read out of that stack... no.  I decided to buy more books for my Nook.  I was very excited to read Jocelyn Drake's new book.  I found the beginning very detailed and I would have to concentrate to read it.  I'm in middle of writing a book  and I can't put that much focus on remembering all the fine details from a book I'm reading.  I'm entirely too A.D.D. for that right now.  I decided to read another book that is on my Nook and is from a new author and to be honest with you I don't like it much.  I might keep reading to see if it catches my interest.  I won't tell you the title because I like the author and I don't want to turn anyone off.... I was a bit bothered when the main character was talking to another girl and they were talking about why virgins wore white and the main character said "I'm a virgin."  The other girl actually said "fingers don't count."  I found that crude... isn't that funny I find that crude but I'm not bothered by the f bomb?  I think I'll read Fallen.... I've heard mixed reviews so I'll make the leap and read it myself.  I had started The Historian but it is another book that needs your full attention.  Heavy sigh.  I avoid werewolf books while I'm writing (yes I know, I just read Linger but they aren't the kind of werewolf I'm talking about).  I do it for a couple of reasons... I don't want to steal another authors ideas, even though I'd never do that on purpose.  Kelley Armstrong once talked about her writing Bitten and how she felt she was original with a female werewolf.  After her book was published another book came out that was similar (I don't remember the name) .... she realized  that it is almost impossible to write a book that is completely original but you can write one that is different or stands out from the others.  I remind myself of that all of the time.

I only have 11 followers and if they are like me they follow too many blogs to keep up with.  I do pose a question... if you like werewolf stories, what kind do you like?  Do you want a beast or beauty with a beast within?

Have a happy day Lovies.... toodles

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