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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Instruction guide for the family of a writer - MUST READ

Instruction guide for the family of a writer

1. When we're reading blogs, tweeting, looking at groups on Facebook - we are writing - not playing!     Our MS is up in another window - we just didn't flip over fast enough.  Stop creeping.
2.  No, we have not thought about what is for dinner.  Obviously you have..... so go make something for us     both.  Duh!
3.  Just because you think we haven't gotten dressed for the day, you're wrong.  That slinky thing I wore last     night isn't comfortable to sit in.... scrubs and t-shirts are our work clothes.  Sheesh.
4.  Blog touring is exhausting.  Just because you have to physically move around at work, brain power is much  more daunting.
5.  Parent teacher conference?  You're a parent too, can't you go?  I know you work 50 miles away.  I've got to write a million words today and I have a 2 pm chat.... this is for our future too.
6.  No I'm not on the bestseller list, why do you keep asking me that?  I hate that list, I don't want to be on it.  Okay so I'm a liar but stop asking, that is bullying.  (stomping foot)
7.  Yes I went to get coffee dressed like that, I didn't get out of the car!
8.  Yes, I must talk about my sexy characters with everyone - I'm secretly talking about you (he reads this some times).
9.  Yes it is necessary to have the air down to 70 - I don't write well if I'm hot.
10.  When I make that bestseller list I'll hire a chef to cook for us, and clean all the dust bunnies.  I'll have my scrubs bejeweled to be dressier when I go to get coffee.  The son is about to graduate high school, no more PT meeting!  Yay!  I'll still blog tour and one day I'll have someone that can monitor all the social networks for me.  I will probably check them too just because they've become my friends,
11.  Just because we've never met and we only see our avatar - we sometimes know more about each other than some friends we see all of the time.  So yes, they really are my friends.

Have a great weekend!  I'm having a interview with Daniele Lanzarotta on Tuesday August 2 - she has a new book out Wide Awake.  She is giving away one e-copy of her book.  Come back Tuesday to enter the giveaway and learn more about this talented writer!



  1. Love it! I read it to my husband.

  2. LOL...this sounds nothing like me (chuckle-chuckle)

    One day I WILL think about dinner before some child puts their head between me and the computer screen and asks for it.

  3. You just send them all my way.... I'll deal with 'em! ;)

  4. Thank you! It made me laugh when I wrote it.

  5. You. Complete. Me. *laughs*

    This was perfect. Especially the part about setting the thermostat at 70. YES!

  6. I'm giving this to my wife, lol, I'm a little behind on the 400 unread blogs I have to go through, but I couldn't just read and move on from this one. Awesome post.

  7. Thank you - I had fun writing it =)